About the Institute

ISPP Logo ENThe Institute for Sustainable Public Procurement (ISPP) is an organisation promoting the use of social and environmental clauses in public procurement.

We build a culture of ethical, cost-effective, environmentally and socially innovative public procurement.

ISPP promotes solutions enabling public authorities to make full use of their financial capabilities, helping them include social and ecological considerations in their purchasing decisions.

Our Institute is active in the debate of the state of public procurement in Poland and the European Union, sharing our experiences and knowledge. We promote social and environmental clauses use, inspired by positive case studies from both Poland and the world.

We enable the perspectives of public, private and non-profit sectors to align with each other.

The Institute supports the public administration, both at the central and local levels, as well as universities, hospitals, public utility providers and state-owned enterprises.

We cooperate with non-governmental organisations, social economy enterprises, trade unions, employers’ associations and public companies in promoting a new way of thinking on public procurement, bridging the divide between public institutions and suppliers of green and ethical goods and services.

ISPP offers professional training and advisory services dedicated to the needs of public procurers, suppliers and social partners. We analyse the procurement market and give our input on documents and changes in the law.

We updated our webpage, traditional and social media and our newsletter, that is received by almost 1,000 public procurers in the whole of Poland, with the newest trends and news.

The Institute for Public Procurement disseminates knowledge and the broadens the scale of sustainable public procurement through meetings and expert seminars as well as the Local Dialogue Fora, in which almost 1,000 people participated.

You can find information on our current activities in the ‚News In English’ section of our webpage!